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I work for Emmi because I can take responsibility and work independently in my job.

Ruth Huber
Plant Management Assistant

I work for Emmi because it's fun and no two days are the same.

Stanislav Smoljo
Machine Operator

I am at Emmi because I am convinced of the company's capacity for innovation and cool products, because I get to head a motivated team, and because I appreciate the variety on offer.

Urs Käser
Accounts Payable and Receivable Team Leader

I work for Emmi because I feel at ease here and am surrounded by amazing people I would not want to be without.

Stefan Leyers
Vehicle Management Team Leader

I work for Emmi because every employee plays a part in shaping the future of the company, which produces many exciting stories.

Thomas Schumacher
Packaging Team Leader

I work for Emmi because I can make a difference in a progressive culture centred around values that resonate with me.

Ben Sproson
Head of Sales, Emmi UK

I work for Emmi, because they have given me opportunities other companies wouldn't have. I have grown not only in my career but as a person.

Kim Thompson
Assistant Brand Manager, Emmi UK

I work for Emmi because collaborating with our Dutch customers and selling successfully Caffè Latte and the finest Swiss Cheese is fantastic and inspiring.

Marco Heere
Field account manager, Emmi Benelux

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