Sustainability principles

Eleven principles guiding sustainability

The term "sustainability" is often used in an abstract and even inflationary sense. By contrast, Emmi uses the word in a highly specific and practical way and therefore set out 11 guiding principles in 2011, which define what it understands by a sustainable approach to its various stakeholder groups.

Emmi’s sustainability mission

„Our future success is based on achieving balance and sustainability with regard to our economic, social and environmental goals. In key areas of sustainability, we aim to act as an international role model within the sector.“

Sustainability organisation

Aspects of sustainability can be found in the responsibilities of most business units. However, the functions within Emmi’s current organisation that are especially impacted are Supply Chain Management (SCM), Quality, Security and Environmental Management (QSU) and Human Resources (HR). The Chief Human Resources Officer and the Head of Retail and SCM Switzerland are therefore jointly responsible for the management of the company’s „Strategic Sustainability Initiative“. They lead the Sustainability Steering Committee and provide the link between the Board of Directors, management, the sustainability organisation and line functions. This committee, which meets twice a year, includes the Executive Vice President Switzerland and the Chief Marketing Officer as representatives of Group management, and is supplemented by the Head of Sustainability and five technical experts from upper and middle management.

For the past several years some of these technical experts have formed the Sustainability Core Team, which is led by the Head of Sustainability. In specific situations, the head of the four focus groups also gets involved. This body plays a supporting and mediating function, and serves as a central point of contact for internal and external queries on sustainability issues.

15 sustainability officers have been providing support for several years regarding all aspects of sustainability along the entire Emmi value chain.

Since January 2016, we have had a person dedicated solely to sustainability – the Head of Sustainability.