Since 2009, Emmi has been pursuing the strategy of establishing an increasingly international orientation and generating around 50% of its sales in Switzerland and 50% abroad. To this end, Emmi gears its activities to three strategic pillars:

Strengthen Switzerland

Emmi wants to strengthen its market-leading position in Switzerland, and aims to do so with a product portfolio that is continuously optimised through the consolidation of key brand concepts, the launch of new products and the discontinuation of less profitable businesses.


International growth

The second pillar is targeted international growth. Emmi currently exports to around 60 countries worldwide from its base in Switzerland and has presences in 15 markets via its subsidiaries and participations. Growth markets outside Europe are becoming increasingly important, and while acquisitions continue to be significant, organic growth is gaining in importance.

Cost management

The third pillar is rigorous and long-term cost management. Productivity and efficiency enhancements will continue to facilitate annual savings of several million Swiss francs in the future, central to which is Emmi’s efficiency-enhancement and cost-reduction programme Emmi Operational Excellence (EOE).