Emmi Fondü Original

Emmi Fondü - Enjoyment is this simple

Decades ago, Alpine herdsman originated fondue. It means, simply to “to melt”. Today, fondue means gathering friends and family for hot and gooey goodness.

Our pre-made and shredded varieties make for a fun, easy and social way to share a hearty meal, start a party, or even enjoy a cheesy snack. Dip crusty bread, fruit, meat or vegetables in our easy-to-prepare fondue.

Swiss cheese 52%, white wine, water, potato starch, kirsch brandy, salt, emulsifying salt (E339), spices and stabiliser (locust bean gum).


Pasteurised, contains alcohol.
Lactose content less than 0,01g/100g

100g contain:
Energy 1010 kJ (244 kcal)
Fat 16.0g
of which saturates 9.0g
Carbohydrate 3.5g
of which sugars 0.7g
Protein 15.0g
Salt 1.3g
Specific name

Cheese Fondue

Net quantity 400g