Extra Fruity Strawberry Yogurt Cake

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200 g Emmi Swiss Premium Yogurt Strawberry Fruit Extra Fruity
110 g Whipping cream
36 g Sugar
8 g Gelatin sheet
Strawberry puree to decorate
5 piece(s) Digestive biscuits
20 g Melted unsalted butter


  1. Crush digestive biscuits and mix well with the melted butter. Spread out and press evenly in a 6-inch cake mould

  2. Soak the gelatin sheet in cold water until soft. Then, put it into hot water and stirring until dissolved

  3. Add sugar into Emmi Swiss Premium Yogurt Strawberry Fruit Extra Fruity and mix well

  4. Beat whipping cream with electric egg beater until thicken. After that, add the strawberry yogurt mixture and mix well.

  5. Then mix with the dissolved gelatin.

  6. Divide the cake batter into 3 bowls evenly. Mix with different portions of strawberry puree to get the cake batter in different level of color

  7. Put colored mixtures into piping bags. Squeeze the mixtures from the center of the cake mould of different color to make different color layers. Freeze for 4 hours.