We are open and transparent

At Emmi, we have long fostered direct, open and honest communication with our core stakeholders – in particular with our employees, customers and suppliers.

The development of our sustainability commitment has been the topic of particularly intense dialogue, with extremely valuable results for those involved.

For this reason, we will continue to encourage open and transparent communication in the future as well – both in general and specifically in regard to sustainability at our company. We are open to constructive criticism and suggestions of any kind.

Our partnerships

WWF Switzerland

WWF Switzerland and Emmi have cultivated active communication with regard to all sustainability-related topics for several years. By assuming the role of demanding, critical, yet constructive specialist, WWF Switzerland has helped us to hone and refine our sustainability commitment. In autumn 2016, we therefore decided to turn our collaboration with WWF Switzerland into an official partnership.

Together with WWF Switzerland, we have formulated a number of objectives aimed at promoting sustainability at Emmi in general and environmental protection in particular.