And the winner is ... the Biedermann dairy

Natalie Rüedi, representing the Sustainability Steering Committee, presents the awards (from left): Gerold Schatt (Dagmersellen), Ruedi Hochstrasser (Biedermann dairy) and Sascha Baumann (Suhr).

The first ever Emmi Sustainability Prize for outstanding achievement in operational sustainability was awarded at the beginning of January of this year. The winner chosen from among the water-themed projects submitted was the contribution from the Biedermann dairy, which focuses on wastewater disposal. Two further projects received an award.

A jury, made up of five members, chose the Biedermann dairy as the winner. The winning project focuses on reducing waste water, which is very costly to dispose of. The solution: rinsing water and product waste from the phase between two different production runs on a machine are collected, separated, and the reusable materials are sold to a pig farm, enabling the level of soiling in the water to be reduced by over 30%. One-time investments of CHF 27,000 contrast with annual savings and income from the pig farm of CHF 157,000. The jury was impressed by the level of detail in the project's process steps, its excellent value for money, its careful use of energy, the level of involvement among employees and the considerable amount of initiative shown.

Awards for Suhr and Dagmersellen

Another project to win a distinction was that of Paul Kaufmann and his team (Suhr), which developed an automatic cleaning facility for the probes which measure the level of soiling in waste water. A second project to receive a distinction was that of Markus Häfliger and his team (Dagmersellen). Spurred on by the motto "Every drop counts", they launched a number of smaller projects targeting more efficient use of water. Submissions are now open for the Emmi Sustainability Prize 2013, the main area of focus being "materials cycles" (see article above). The deadline for submissions is 15 November 2013. Further details to follow.