The winning project is clear

The joint project "Greener packaging" won the Sustainability Prize 2013 under the motto for the year: "Closing materials cycles".

Many of the products manufactured by Emmi in Switzerland are private label products of retailers and wholesalers. Responsibility for these products, recipes, raw materials and packaging lie with the relevant customer.

Thinking beyond the garden fence

The winning team from the areas of Private Label Marketing, Packaging Development, Sales and Production addressed the "greenness" of Coop packaging. Since Coop was awarded the title of "World’s Most Sustainable Retailer" in 2011, the project team’s ideas were obviously met with a sympathetic ear at Coop.

Less or greener material

The project found that for some types of packaging, there was no further potential for optimisation. Where there were beginnings, the project team implemented 13 out of 19 defined tasks already in 2013.

By optimising numerous yogurt pots, around 30,000 kilograms of plastic will be saved every year in future. Ice cream sticks are now made from FSC wood. Although this does not save any material, it is more environmentally friendly.

The project team expects recurring cost savings of around CHF 330,000. The materials saved or replaced by greener alternatives total around 127,500 kilograms per year.