We know how!

The facility in Langnau specialises in fondue production. It is from here that one of the best-known Swiss specialities is exported around the world. In spite of – or perhaps precisely because of – their decades of experience, the employees believed that they could still do better.

Movement rather than stagnation is a basic principle at Emmi, and one of the secrets of the “Futura” line. Employees developed and built the core of this promising machine, which came into operation in summer 2016. For five years, the fondue specialists puzzled over how their product could be made in an even more consistent quality, more productively and with failure costs that were as low as possible.

The greatest difference compared with conventional machines is that the cheese mixture is always moving – from heating to mixing with the other ingredients to filling. This ensures that it always maintains the right consistency. The design of the machine is unique in the world. It makes an important contribution to cheese fans across the globe being able to count on enjoying great fondue from Langnau also in the future.