We are market-oriented!

What do customers need? What delights consumers? What trends can we make use of to outperform? How can we keep on improving?

Being market-oriented is the result of perfect cooperation between Development, Production, Logistics, Procurement and Marketing. The ultimate goal is always for the customer to find the right product at the right time in the right place – with impeccable quality and at competitive prices. Although this sounds easy, it is tricky. The best ideas are of no use if they cannot be implemented in production. The highest quality yogurt will fail if it does not appeal to consumers. The most attractive packaging cannot conceal average quality. This is why we considered 25 different varieties of apricot before finding the best one for Jogurtpur. And it is why we analyse whether we can utilise lorries even better with cleverer loading for our shipments, potentially saving a delivery run and reducing CO2 emissions.

Being market-oriented has many aspects. Recognising these is our aim and our passion.