We are Emmi

From polymechanics to goat’s milk cheesemakers – Emmi employees span a diverse range of roles. We come from almost 100 countries, work on five continents, and one in five of us has been at the company for 20 years or more.

While our personalities may vary greatly, we have a shared view of ourselves: together, we achieve more. We are conscientious, focused, solution-oriented and entrepreneurial. Everyone pulling in the same direction is not an empty phrase but our reality.

Team spirit, development opportunities, variety, mutual trust, leeway and taking pleasure in our products are all reasons why employees are happy to work at Emmi, as revealed in a recent survey. The comments are a source of pride for us – but also an obligation.

Employee development is a requirement for commercial success and is therefore accorded high priority. We not only want to be a good employer now, but also offer exciting prospects over the long term – because the philosophy “We are Emmi” should also win over the next generation of Emmi employees.