We are continually developing!

Emmi manufactures thousands of products in a wide range of flavours and pack sizes. Many of them have to be refrigerated or even frozen. We store cheese wheels for different lengths of time depending on the variety. There are seasonal variations: more mozzarella is needed in the summer, and more fondue in the winter. These are just a few examples demonstrating management complexity.

To be able to control processes across the entire company, Emmi decided four years ago to introduce SAP as a uniform system in Switzerland. The aim was to get employees on board at an early stage.

Openness, curiosity, flexibility and a willingness to learn were required. The focus was on putting aside what was known and learning new things. The aim was to train hundreds of employees in Switzerland in the new system. They have now done away with working documents, delivery notes and Excel lists in favour of laptops and scanners.

All facilities made the switch during 2016 – Langnau was followed by the production sites that make yogurt and fresh products, and then cheese and maturation facilities in the second half. Sales processes completed the undertaking in January 2017 – cost-efficiently and on schedule. Three cheers for our employees!