Corporate foundations

Corporate values

We are Emmi!

We are proud to belong to Emmi and identify with our products and services. We contribute to the sustainable development of the entire Group with respect and integrity.

We are market-oriented!

We know what the market needs. We use elan and first-class performance to create happy consumers and more successful customers, thereby giving Emmi added value.

We know how!

We know what our goals are and take full responsibility for our destiny. We equip ourselves to master current and future challenges.

We are proactive, and not afraid of hard work!

We are conscientious, focused, solution-oriented and entrepreneurial. Together we achieve more!

We are continually developing!

We tackle challenges, bravely, openly and proactively. We use change and different perspectives to advance our business.

Code of Conduct

Emmi attaches great importance to compliance with laws, fair working conditions and the defined quality of its products. This Code of Conduct emphasises the importance of the points listed and sets out corresponding guidelines for all employees of the Emmi Group worldwide. The Code supplements the current general terms and conditions of employment and the corporate values.

Corporate strategy

The activities are geared to three strategic pillars: firstly, the leading market position in Switzerland. In the current period, Emmi would like not only to defend but also to reinforce this position.

The second pillar continues to be the targeted international growth. Emmi is continuing to pursue the geographical expansion it began several years ago. Today, the company is active in 13 markets with subsidiaries or holdings, and the aim is to increase this number to between 15 and 18 over the medium term. In these markets, Emmi will concentrate on exports from Switzerland and well-anchored product ranges. Growth markets outside Europe are becoming increasingly important, and acquisitions will continue to be significant.

The third pillar is rigorous and long-term cost management. Productivity and efficiency enhancements will continue to facilitate annual savings of several million Swiss francs, with Swiss production facilities serving as a role model for production sites abroad.