Grilled cheese provides variety

Some rave about it, while others turn up their noses: we’re talking about grilled cheese. Right now, it’s on everyone’s lips – quite literally. People who love grilled cheese enjoy it as an alternative to meat, or alongside salad or delicious summer vegetables. It’s lactose-free and also available in vegan versions.

Summertime, sunshine, warm temperatures and mild summer evenings. The barbecue is in almost constant use, and people are slowly starting to fancy something other than meat. There is demand for alternatives and variety – but what options are out there? Alongside fish, more and more people are turning to an increasingly popular alternative: grilled cheese.  What was originally dismissed as “squeaky cheese” is now a popular alternative to meat and fish. There have been real improvements in the flavour of grilled cheese in recent years, which has boosted demand. Halloumi is the best known grilled cheese, but there are a wide range of others available, including natural varieties, cheeses with herbs and vegan alternatives. Delicious grilled cheese recipes Grilled cheese tastes great on its own. But it can be even better with the right side dishes and in the right recipes.

Summer salad 
Grilled cheese tastes great with a delicious summer salad made from seasonal ingredients such as lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and fresh, seasonal fruit including strawberries and blueberries. Season with fine salad herbs and a little salt and pepper. Dress with good-quality olive and sesame oil and date vinegar.

Tomato and garlic coulis
If you’re not in the mood for salad and are having a side of fried potatoes instead, give your grilled cheese a little extra flavour with this coulis.
You will need fresh tomatoes, garlic, a little oil and some herbs, such as basil, mint, parsley or thyme. Finely chop the tomatoes and garlic, tear the herbs into small pieces, then chop more finely using a mezzaluna if necessary. Put all the ingredients into a bowl and add oil to give a nice, not overly liquid, consistency. 

Vegetable and grilled cheese skewers1
Cut a range of different vegetables into strips, cut the grilled cheese into bite-sized cubes, then alternately thread the vegetables and cheese onto a skewer, and barbecue.
Good vegetables for skewers include courgette, aubergine and bell peppers. Fresh fruit such as apricots and nectarines also work well on skewers.

Grilled cheese wrapped in courgette and bacon2
Wash the courgette, then slice into thin strips, add a little salt and leave to one side. Pat off the liquid drawn out using kitchen paper. Now wrap the grilled cheese in two to three pieces of courgette and lay an overlapping rasher of bacon over the top. Secure with a toothpick if necessary. Place on the barbecue in a baking tin and enjoy after approx. 8 minutes.

Gerber makes two varieties of grilled cheese: Classic and Smoked Chili. A purely Swiss product, made from Swiss milk – lactose-free.

1Based on the Betty Bossi recipe for halloumi skewers (in German) at 
2 Full recipe available (in German) at


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