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You are what you eat

Flexitarian, fruitarian, vegetarian, vegan. The list of nutritional plans and diets just keeps getting longer and longer. Below we give you an unbiased overview.

Käsewähe – a treat for the taste buds and a great way to use up leftovers

Winter is raclette and fondue season. However, the absolute classic cheese dish for February is Käsewähe, a savoury cheese tart. Also known as “Chäschüechli”, it is a staple of the Basel and Lucerne Carnivals and hugely popular among young and old alike. It’s easy enough to bake your own Käsewähe, not to mention an ideal way of using up any leftover bits of cheese. We reveal the most suitable types of cheese below.

Start the new year with plenty of protein

We've all been there: after overindulging during the holidays, we want to get back on track as quickly as possible by doing more exercise and eating healthier. For many, fitness is part of the January slump – under the motto of muscles instead of excess pounds. Protein plays a key role here and milk is an important source.

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Monthly topic "Alles in Butter?" – Everything good?

Christmastime is cookie time – which means butter time: Despite the fitness and health trend, many people cannot do without butter on their bread or in their baked goods. And they are right, because butter is an "honest" product with a taste that is simply unique. In praise of butter.

Monthly topic A drink that regulates the system

The season of roasted nuts, chocolate, mulled wine, gingerbread and decadent menus will soon be upon us. The run up to Christmas can be a real challenge for the digestive system. Probiotic bacteria can help move things along.

Monthly topic Everything you need to know about fondue

It’s a simple dish, a melt-in-the-mouth delight for young and old, but why is fondue so popular? Why should you drink tea with it and not wine? And how can you save a failed fondue?

Monthly topic It's time to get melting again!

Potatoes with raclette, bread with fondue – why do we always use the same ingredients? If we take a look at what people do abroad, we have plenty of room for imagination. Plus, we reveal what good raclette cheese has got to do with a ball of wool.

Monthly topic How did yogurt find its way into a pot?

A yogurt for breakfast, as a snack or as dessert in the evening: Yogurt is now a part of everyday life. But on closer inspection, this foodstuff is actually something quite special – soured milk. It is amazing that yogurt was made long before fridges were invented.

Monthly topic Why is soft cheese soft and hard cheese hard?

Cheese that is stored for a long time is hard, whereas a short storage period means soft cheese, right? Wrong. Whether a cheese is hard, semi-hard or soft is all about heat, chunks and the specialist term synaeresis. This sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple.

Monthly topic Grilled cheese provides variety

Some rave about it, while others turn up their noses: we’re talking about grilled cheese. Right now, it’s on everyone’s lips – quite literally. People who love grilled cheese enjoy it as an alternative to meat, or alongside salad or delicious summer vegetables. It’s lactose-free and also available in vegan versions.

Monthly topic Why is ice cream not rock hard?

Most of us will have tried to make our own ice cream when we were kids. And most of us will have been disappointed by the result. It’s not that easy to make good ice cream. But there are a few secrets to getting it right.

Monthly topic Warm up with hot milk

The time for mulled wine and champagne is over. It’s now about making it through the dark winter days with some get-up-and-go. Why not with milk? Hot milk drinks conjure up warmth on cold days. Below is a range of recipes, from traditional milk with honey to more exotic alternatives.

Monthly topic Winter milk or summer milk – which is better?

Spring is here: finally time to head out into the fresh air. Although the cows are interested less in what they are breathing in, and more in the fresh, juicy grass on the pasture. And this has an impact on the raw material they produce: milk.

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Monthly topic The number one cheese: Mozzarella

The most popular cheese in Switzerland isn’t Emmentaler, Tilsiter or Gruyère. Mozzarella beats them all, particularly in summer when people like to eat Mediterranean-style food. But it is actually an oddity among cheeses.


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